Want a therapeutic massage session tailored to your needs?

All of the massage therapists at the Therapeutic Massage Center of Middleton are certified by NCBTMB, licensed in the state of Wisconsin and insured.  

  • Carmela Wiese
    Carmela Wiese LMT/CMLDT - Founder

    Carmela Wiese, LMT/CMLDT founded the Therapeutic Massage Center of Middleton in 2009.  In 2001, Carmela started studying Traditional Chinese Medicine and TuiNa (Chinese massage) at the East-West Healing Arts Institute of Madison, Wisconsin. After graduation, she continued studying Eastern techniques as well as Myofascial Release, ortho-bionomy, and NMT.

    In 2016, Carmela received a certification in Manual Lymphatic Drainage (CMLDT) from the Klose Institute in Boulder, Colorado and specializes in post-surgical lymphatic drainage and chronic illnesses.

    Over the last nearly 20 years as a massage therapist, Carmela has treated thousands of clients.  Because of this, she has extensive experience treating a multitude of chronic pain disorders, injuries, and stress-related conditions.

    **Please note: Carmela is NOT currently accepting new clients.**

    Pressure Depth:  Light to Medium/Deep-ish

  • Dr. Courtney Rolnick
    Dr. Courtney Rolnick PT, DPT, CMLDT

    Hi, I’m Courtney. I’m extremely passionate about my work and know that I have found my true calling in life. My patients know that I am 100% focused on our session and that my goal is to get them back to doing what they love and feeling their best.

    My first love was dance. I received my Bachelor of Science in Dance from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2006. I taught dance for 10 years focusing on ballet technique, pointe work, and dancing in a local West African dance company. Being a dancer my whole life, I was constantly injured and never took time to heal. If I had only known then what I do today.

    Now, as a doctor of physical therapy, I have learned that the body has an amazing capacity to heal if you treat it with kindness and compassion. Due to these constant injuries, I knew I needed a big change, or my body would give out on me. This lead me to Texas State University, where I received my Doctorate in Physical Therapy. Throughout my career as a Physical Therapist, it became clear to me that there was an aspect missing in my practice. I would often see patients with swelling, systemic inflammation, or a heightened nervous system who were not progressing as expected. I wanted to get to the root cause of these issues. Getting certified in manual lymphatic drainage ended up changing my career path and in the last 3 years I have devoted most of my practice to lymphatic patients specifically. I’m constantly amazed at how well lymphatic therapy works and wish I had implemented this into my practice earlier.

    At Therapeutic Massage Center of Middleton, my focus is purely on helping people recovering from surgery, cancer and supporting those with lymphatic or autoimmune conditions. My patients say they appreciate how supportive and caring I am and that it’s obvious how much I love my work.

    In my other professional life, I own an IG vintage shop, run a small business helping other small businesses. In my free time I enjoy seeing live music, exploring nature and hanging out with my partner Chris and our dog Lefty.